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The ehub Health suite of interactive self-help programs empowers users to learn about and prevent or manage common mental health issues.


moodgym provides cost-effective and accessible self-help for depression and anxiety, and has a large evidence base supporting its effectiveness.

mental health guru

mental health guru provides brief induction training for all employees. It reduces stigma and encourages users to seek help for mental heath problems as required.

Support the well-being of your employees or members

eHub Health offers organisations cost-effective subscription access to mental health guru and moodgym for their employees or members.

ehub Health programs

moodgym is an online CBT training program for depression and anxiety

  • Online training in cognitive behaviour therapy.
  • Five modules with interactive exercises, workbooks, anxiety and depression quizzes and downloadable relaxation audio.
  • Broad evidence-base in both the prevention and management of depression and anxiety.

mental health guru delivers online training modules for workplaces

  • Brief training for all staff, including videos of personal workplace experiences.
  • Information about depression & anxiety, how to get help and interactive myth busting.
  • Practical advice about how to assist colleagues and responsibilities of supervisors.

All user data is stored securely and kept confidential to protect the privacy of users.

About us

ehub Health delivers online self-help programs to improve mental health and well-being. ehub Health programs provide users with evidence-based information and skills training to prevent or manage the symptoms of common mental health problems, and provide organisations with tools for their employees, to reduce the costs associated with mental health issues in their workforce.

moodgym and mental health guru were originally developed and evaluated over 15 years by researchers at The Australian National University, and are now available to organisations and individuals worldwide through subscription. ehub Health was founded by staff involved in the development and delivery of its e-mental health programs for over 14 years. e-hub Health is part of the Dialogue group of companies.

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Mental health in the workplace


Approximately 1 in 5 people in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia will experience a mental health problem every year.

Office for National Statistics, 2015
Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2013.
Mental Health America, 2014.
Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2007.

Mental illness creates high costs for employers due to absenteeism, presenteeism, compensation claims and turnover.

The estimated cost:
UK: £35 billion a year (Centre for Mental Health, 2017).
Canada:  $6 billion a year ( Smetanin. et. al., 2011).
USA: $44 billion a year, 200 million days of lost work (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 2015).
Australia: $11 billion a year (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2014)


Employers have legal obligations in relation to the management of mental illness in the workplace.

UK: Equality Act 2010, Employment Rights Act 1996.
Canada: Canadian Human Rights Act, Employment Equity Act.
USA: Americans with Disability Act (ADA), OSHA, Family Medical Leave Act.
Australia: Disability Discrimination Act 1992, WH&S, Privacy Act 1998.



ehub Health and your organisation

ehub Health programs are subscription based. Once subscribed all employees or members of an organisation can easily access the material anywhere at any time.

The programs can help support the mental health and wellbeing of your employees and members, and contribute to reducing stigma in a workplace where mental health problems are managed appropriately.

This in turn reduces costs to the organisation.

Evidence for effectiveness

There is scientific evidence behind ehub Health online programs.

Scientific trials evaluating moodgym have shown that using two or more modules is linked to significant reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms. The trials also found that these benefits still last after 12 months. moodgym has been the subject of over 40 peer-reviewed publications and has demonstrated effectiveness in individuals of various ages and ethnicity in different settings.  Read more >>

mental health guru has been evaluated in a randomised controlled trial, which showed use of the program improved employee knowledge and decreased employee stigma about depression and anxiety, and these effects were sustained after six months. Read more >>

The content of each of the programs is based on scientific evidence and psychological therapies that are effective in face-to-face settings.

ehub Health welcomes independent research on the use of the programs with specific population groups or different settings. We encourage researchers to contact us to discuss the requirements of your research.

What our users are saying:



I gained an enormous amount from moodgym. It has awakened me from downward thoughts and has given me tools to better understand myself and how I can improve myself to make me happy.

user moodgym

moodgym user

The toolkits have been great, and the information in general, mostly for assisting me to understand how I think how I do, and helping to prevent or minimise that way of thinking.

moodgym plus user

moodgym PLUS user

After using mental health guru, I had a conversation with someone to ask if they are okay, and was able to feel more confident about talking about support available.

guru user

mental health guru user

I didn’t want it to end, it felt as though I had an ear that was listening to my issues and directing me through them and how to come out better/stronger…


user moodgym

moodgym user


The program gave our employees a greater understanding of mental health issues… We highly recommend the mental health guru program to other organizations.

guru user

Organisation using mental health guru



It is easy to access and use, clearly written and explained. I could do a small part and leave it and then go back to it.

user moodgym

moodgym user

Going through the moodgym exercises made a real difference to the way I thought about things, events and so on. It helped me to identify toxic thoughts and banish them before they could take hold in my head.

moodgym plus user

moodgym PLUS user



ehub Health programs have over one million registered users worldwide

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